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Own Your Glow

The title of this book completely captured my attention, it was exactly what I was looking for; a pep talk to getting back to my soul work. I felt like I was forgetting who I was, and what I was called to do. I had just got a promotion, I was "mommin" hard, pouring massive energy into getting my kids back on track and building a firm foundation for my relationship. But I was pouring into everything but myself, I felt like I was dimming...and losing my momentum.

"The answers to many of your questions aren't as far away as they seem. They're right inside of you. Those who are closest to the problem are closest to the solution."

I have this quote posted at my desk, on my vision wall, and highlighted in both the book and the journal. This statement, along with my very gifted therapist, helped me reframe the way I think about issues that arise and help me to develop a better attitude on how to approach these issues.

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