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Solitude, the place I found myself...

"Sometimes you just need a beautiful moment, in a beautiful place; alone."


Lately I have been finding myself in a space where I just want to break away from my routine, my work, even my home. Not that anything is wrong or bad...I just need a break from it all, not for some underlying reason- just for myself. I have been busy with my children, my fiancé, my new career... life happens fast. I am proud of where I am, and I want to continue to flourish in these things, but I cannot flourish if I am not grounded. I have been pouring so much energy into the people and things around me, that I have neglected myself. The things I was handling, suddenly started handling me!

When I turned 30, I realized how significant alone time is. How essential it is to your self awareness, your self development and self care. I know "self care" is the latest trend but it is so much more than bubble baths, spa days and glasses of wine. It is boundaries, it is proper time management, it is healthy relationships, friendships and familyships. It is a conscious practice of equilibrium between confidence and compassion; solitude and togetherness; It is awareness of the group, with attentiveness to oneself.


Message to the Reader

Trying to be everything for everyone, except yourself, will leave you feeling depleted and dissatisfied. Get into the habit of asking yourself does this support the life I am trying to create? Is this developing or depleting me? Take the time for yourself, to acknowledge your thoughts, your feelings; to laugh or cry, or to just be. It is in our alone time that we are able to tune into our most sacred space; This is where we discover our core beliefs, our false beliefs, our scars, and our breakthroughs. It's in solitary that we experience our truest form of expression and raw creativity.

Escape the noise, the movement, the physical....

and embrace the silence, the stillness, the spiritual.

"Self care is giving the world the best of you, instead of what's left of you" -


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