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Balance, is something we create

May the petals teach me the art of letting go. -Xan Oku

As we journey through our lives, we collect people and things...wisdom, memories, experiences, triggers...

On the search for ourselves, we encounter obstacles, as well as victories. We cannot hold on to neither. We must enjoy - or accept whatever the experience is, and let it go. Release it back into the universe...

The past is meant for us to learn from, a reference of what we have done right or wrong....Those who live in the past will soon become stuck, energy flows where our focus goes...and if you look back long enough you are bound to head that way.

We cannot admire what is, if we are looking back; and we cannot receive what is ahead if our hands are full of what was. Ground yourself, plant seeds of love, hope and faith into your thoughts, and let both the sun and the rain grow you. The beautiful petals of this flower will wilt and fall off, hard rain may even take them early, but the flower does not fret, or give up. She does not die, she remains rooted in the soil, for she knows her petals will return...


Message to the Reader:

Grounding, also known as earthing, is a therapeutic technique that helps me reconnect to the earth. It helps to center and balance me, helping to reduce stress and anxiety, and reminding me that I am apart of something much bigger than myself. I normally meditate and/or pray during my grounding practice, to help reconnect myself spiritually and increase my vibration by tapping into the energy of the elements around me, during the warmer months I like the grass under my feet, really experiencing the texture of it. I also practice sun bathing, allowing the sun to recharge me...and I have become creative during the winter, allowing the cold air to encompass me (only for moment- I don't stand there until I freeze lol)

Two of my favorite grounding poses during my yoga practice are:

Mountain pose & Tree Pose help me to pause, realign, and settle myself. While practicing these poses I am able to be still and silent, pulling my attention to one thing, whether it be my breathe or something in my line of sight. I refocus on the one thing and began to recenter my thoughts, my balance and core strength, both mentally and physically. Especially tree pose, it incorporates balance, patience and focus; requiring you to balance on one leg. Sometimes it takes me a few tries to get this one, I struggle with not being shaky and off balance. So I use this one when I am feeling rushed, it help remind me to slow down, and be patient with myself. I also allow imperfection, at times I may need to let my foot down to recenter my balance - and that is ok.

Mountain pose, helps me to practice evenly distributing my energy and focus. I focus distributing my weight equally in both my feet, my hips, and even in my shoulders. I let my body be heavy, planting myself where I stand. I breathe in deeply, and as I exhale, I allow the weight and the tension to flow downward, relaxing my jaw, my shoulders, my hands....

Both poses help me to feel planted, help me to think more clearly and objectively, as well as have a better grasp on my emotions.

When the world is moving too fast, reacquaint yourself with the earth beneath your feet. Balance in not something we find, it is something we create.


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