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Dear Beautiful

A letter to my future self.....

Dear Beautiful,

May this letter find you at peace. May your mind still be open, and your heart full.

I hope you have surrounded yourself with people that love and support you, that you have found your tribe. I hope you care less about the opinions of others, and more about what speaks to your soul.

I hope you have learned to forgive yourself, to be patient with yourself, I hope you have found love, not necessarily in another, but in yourself. I hope you have finally realized the tranquility in letting go and letting God.

I hope you have grown from your experiences,

that you have accepted the things you cannot change,

and given your all in changing the things you can.

I hope you are have learned to have gratitude for the things you have

and acceptance for the things you don't.

I hope you are still brave, and willing to travel the path less taken,

I hope you have traveled the world in search of treasure,

and created beautiful memories.

I hope you laugh more, cry less, and most of all

I hope you are genuinely happy and full of life.....

I hope you finally feel whole.


“In order to love who you are, you cannot hate the experiences that shaped you.” -Andrea Dykstra

Tuesday June 1, 2021


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