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Speak your truth

“Three things cannot be hidden: the sun, the moon, and the truth”


Truth is so fragile, in the sense it is so delicate and vulnerable. At the same time it is so strong and defining, allowing us to embody life.... or death. It's so light; yet so heavy, depending on which end of it you are on.

Speak your truth....even if your voice shakes.

Truth is pliable, encompassing and comforting us, if we chose to let it; if we choose to face and embrace it. And at the same time truth is rigid, unable to bend or be forced out of shape, or out of your mouth by anyone other than yourself. Even when pressure is applied from outside, you could chose die with the truth- or die with the lie. Your truth is a concept, it is your philosophy, it is your thoughts, your emotions, your disappointments and your decisions. It is all the good, the bad, it is both beautiful and ugly, in all of its grandeur. It is everything. It is who you are, while being everything you are not. It represents what you will never be, while simultaneously being everything you can be. Who you are, is in your truth, right there hidden under everyone else's ideas and opinions of who you are and who you should be....But tell me who are you?


A message for the reader

So, What is your truth? What defines you? What confines you? Who were you, before the world told you who to be? Before people placed their opinions and labels on you. Take time to listen to yourself, to accept and love yourself, to forgive yourself, and then take the time to create your most authentic self. Don't ever trade your authenticity for approval, when you give people the power to define you, you give them the power to destroy you. You can be whoever you chose to be, and that will always be enough. The only way to make a difference, is to be different. The world could use a you.

"If you aren't living your truth, you are living a lie." - Kay

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