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Choose your life, don't settle for it

I think very often we just let life happen to us. We unconsciously give permission to be handled however saw fit by whoever; this is our mistake. A mistake that if continued will ultimately lead to our undoing.

"Grateful for where I am at, excited about where I am going"


You must choose your life, don’t settle for it. It took a long time for me to realize that life doesn’t happen “to” you, it happens “for” you. And ultimately you are in your own way, stifling your own growth, and talking yourself out of your own greatness.

I finally decided to actively participate in the design of my life. First, I acknowledged the things I was good at and decided I could be great, if I really applied myself. Chipping away at and practicing everyday. Then, I looked at the things I was bad at and decided I could be better, if I only tried a little harder; so I begin putting forth more effort in everything I did. I realized I don't have to have it all figured out today, I don’t have to wait for my purpose to be “revealed” to me; I can go out in search of it.

The searchers soon become the finders.

I don’t have to settle for whatever life hands me, or whoever comes my way; I have a choice. I could choose to intentionally define myself and create my life. I could choose to be fearlessly- or even fearfully- authentic instead of being what the world said I should be. Because sometimes we have to do things inspite of being sad, or scared, or mad. Somedays we will have to do it with little money, with little time, maybe even with no help. Sooner or will have to choose your direction, whether it be forward or backwards, whether it be to lead or follow. Sooner or later you will have to choose....I suggest you choose yourself. Go out in search of what brings you joy; what makes you feel loved; what brings you peace. Experience and learn from what brings you sadness; become aware of your fear; grow from all these things. Begin to live consciously and intentionally... to live fully.

A message to the reader....

You have to choose to show up everyday, to get up every time you fall. You have to choose to live everyday on purpose, with purpose. You won't always be in control of what happens to you, but you can learn to be in control of what happens through you. You can choose peace over chaos; love over hate; understanding over resentment. You can always choose to make every experience a meaningful one, by finding something to learn from whatever you have been faced with. This is not to say all of your experiences will be pleasant ones, this is simply to say take the blessings and the lessons, and keep pushing forward. Don't stop in hell, cry through it, scream through it- crawl or run....but every day take one more step forward.

The darkest time during the night is just before dawn; and darkness will always give way to the light. Don't quit before the day break. Don't standby or give up, because you can't see the light at the end of the tunnel. Remember, you are one decision away from an entirely different life, so choose wisely.

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