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Less worrying, More doing.

We cannot let doubt distract us from our dreams. We can no longer let the fear of failing stop us from reaching our goals. And we cannot dwell on what was, because we cannot change the past; but we can change direction.

And at the same time, we cannot worry about what will be, because we cannot see- or control the future. We won’t get everything done in one day, we won’t always feel like getting up and doing the work, and we won’t always do everything right... but the most important thing we can do is always try, always show up and always be committed. 

I can have faith that I am where I am supposed to be, and in doing so I can commit to doing what I believe I am supposed to be doing at this point in my life. I can stop worrying about what other people think, and practice thinking on my own. I can work on understanding that success will not come overnight, but that little by little becomes a lot. I can begin by making a commitment to my dreams and to my purpose. I can do less worrying, and more doing.

“Worrying will not take away tomorrow’s problems... it only deprives me of today’s peace.”

A message to the reader…..

We must learn to focus on the here, the now. The present space we occupy, we can began by grounding ourselves there and then we can take it one step at a time to began to ensure a prosperous future. As women, we tend to wear many hats, often having to change them in a split second, we are constantly being pulled in several directions at once, making it very difficult to find our own direction. We fear going the wrong way will cost us everything, so we are constantly listening for the request or reassurance of another. But I want you to take a moment, stop, breathe. Be still, and listen with your heart, start practicing blocking out the noice around you. And there will be times where your voice is the only positive voice you hear, choose to be  kind to yourself. Be supportive of and patient with yourself, hold firm to the moments where belief in yourself is being out to the test. Because sometimes it only takes a moment to change your life forever; only a moment to make it past the bend, only a moment longer before the dawn breaks. Today is a great opportunity to focus on building your tomorrow.

Our ability is what we are capable of doing; our motivation determines what we will do; and our attitude will determine how well we do it.  It is not who we are that holds us back, it is who we think we are not. Right now is a great time to start! A perfect time to began embracing yourself, and using your gift. And everyday won't be easy, but that also means everyday won't be hard...but everyday you'll get a little closer to your purpose.

The time for change is now, what will your contribution be? What will you leave behind?

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