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Peace is found in your truth...

Sometimes we choose to avoid our feelings; to ignore our truths.

We choose another truth, we walk someone else's path,

We cosign and hide behind the demands and needs of others;

We pretend for, we shrink down, We dim....

We show up as someone other than our most authentic self...

A representative, someone that others are comfortable with,

And wonder why we don't feel like ourselves.

And wonder why we feel out of place....

Wonder why we die inside

with smiles drawn on our face....

Sometimes you just need to say things, out loud. Not necessarily to anyone, or for anyone, other than yourself. Sometimes you just need to hear what you think, what you feel, what you want, from your own mouth.

Message to the reader

More often than any of us realize, we would rather die with a lie than speak what we truly think, or say what we really feel; we rather live the rest of our days miserably than endure the consequences of our truth. Rather it be:

I do not want to be here

I do not like to do this

I do not feel loved here

This is not who I am....

We avoid a temporary space of discomfort guilt or even loneliness,

we'd rather live someone else's opinion, than face the sting of saying what we truly want,

what we truly feel. We'd stay with someone in efforts to avoid the pain of being alone for a while, only to feel alone daily....Every day we are choosing a life of discontent over momentary discomfort.

You trade pieces of yourself for the acceptance of others,
and wonder why you are broken?

Sometimes you need to speak what is in your head and in your heart....

Not for advice, not for agreement, not for assistance...

But for acknowledgment of self.

To intentionally recognize that YOU matter,

what YOU FEEL, what YOU THINK, what YOU NEED....

It matters....

And the world is waiting to deliver it to you,

if you only ask... if you only require...

"Call out your truth, and peace will answer the call....”

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